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This is Gastro Tour Seoul’s best-selling tour program!

Brew Master Tour (Bukchon & Insadong)

USD 118.00

2 person minimum, price includes VAT

What do Koreans drink? The answer to that question could take hours, but Korea’s most beloved alcoholic drinks are ‘Soju’, a distilled spirit, and ‘Makgeolli’, a brewed rice wine. These days it’s rare to find true artisan brewers and distillers, as most ‘Soju’ and ‘Makgeolli’ is produced in large factories. Let us introduce you to some modern master artisans who brew and distill according to the time-honored (and time-consuming) methods. The Brew Master Tour involves learning about the entire process of turning rice into ‘Soju’, followed by a home-made Korean meal washed down with bowls of ‘Makgeolli’.

Gastro Tour Seoul works together with a Korean-government-designated ‘Food Master’ brewer, whose artisan soju has been named the city’s official Intangible National Treasure #8, by the Seoul Metropolitan City, for this tour.

Tour Information

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Tour Style: walking, eating & drinking
  • Foods: Artisan Soju (distilled alcohol), Makeolli (brewed rice wine) and yakju( brewed clear rice wine), seafood, pork, vegetables, tofu, fermented sauces
  • Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, umbrella, camera
  • Price: USD 118.00 (2 person minimum, price includes VAT)
  • Tour Time: 6pm~9pm
  • Tour Runs: Every day. Please reserve at least 2 days in advance.
  • Starting Point: Anguk Station, exit 1 (Subway Line 3) Map