Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do make a reservation?
A1: You can book directly on our Website by going to and selecting a Tour. Then, on the bottom of the page, you can select the day you would like to book or Contact Us directly at

Q2: How do I make a change in my reservation?
A2: Booking changes can be made by contacting us directly at Please note that changes cannot be made if the trip is within 72 hours.

Q3: What if I need to cancel my booking?
A3: Cancellations can only be made 72 hours prior to the Tour to avoid any cancellation fees. For cancellations, please contact us at

Q4: Are meals included with the Tour Pacakge?
A4: Most Tours include Food/Beverage/Alcohol according to the Tour type. Details can be found in each Tour Pages.

Q5: Do you offer Group Discounts?
A5: Please contact us at with Tour Name, Number of People Attending, and the Date and we will let you know if we can offer you a Group Discount. This only applies for Group of 8 or more.