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This is Gastro Tour Seoul’s best-selling tour program!

Tuscany of Korea: Disappearing Food Heritage, ‘Jayeom’ (2 hours from Seoul, Taean Peninsula) - 1 day tour

USD 250.00

3 person minimum, price includes VAT, basic foods & beverages

On Korea’s beautiful Taean Peninsula – which is famous for its fresh food - farms, mountains and the sea come together unforgettably. Harvests from the land and sea provide a bounty of fresh, varied seafood and top-quality vegetables. Many Korean chefs say these vegetables are the highest quality in all of Korea.

This tour takes you out into the Taean Peninsula to visit farms, a local market, a stunning mudflat, and the fast-disappearing food heritage of traditional salt known as ‘Jayeom’, named by Slow Food as the ‘Ark of Tasts’. This full-day and 1night stay tour to the heartland of Korean cuisine includes lunch and an unbelievably fresh seafood dinner. It’s a cultural and culinary experience you’ll never forget.

Tour Information (1 day tour)

  • Length: 12 hours
  • Tour Style: Transport, walking, eating
  • Foods: Raw fish, seafood, vegetables
  • Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, umbrella or rain protection, camera
  • Price: USD 250.00 per person (3 person minimum, price includes VAT, basic foods & beverages. Group rates may apply, depending on no. of attendees.)
  • Tour runs upon request.
  • Meals will include raw fish.
  • Starting Point: Shinyongsan Station Exit 1, Line 4 (in front of the Yongsan Post Office) Map